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The Origin Story

Putting Hope in Action

The Alliance was conceptualized between two long-time colleagues, Bob Hansen and Dr. Cathy Slemp. The cofounders utilized their extensive careers in public health and state government to build an action-focused coalition to connect people across the state. Despite being a young coalition, originating in 2021, the Alliance has grown its membership to over 140 professionals and community members. All 6 regions and 10 of 12 community sectors are represented.


To connect community sectors across West Virginia through collaboration, communication, and facilitation of innovative solutions to address mental health and substance use disorder and their effects in the state.


Communities in West Virginia will be stronger by fostering connections and building environments where everyone will have the opportunity to thrive.

Core Values

We believe and are dedicated to…


  • Moving beyond the status quo because change is possible.

  • Seeking opportunities to work with community stakeholders through creating strong partnerships.

  • Cultivating an inclusive environment resulting in innovative long-term solutions; representation across sectors, lived experiences, content expertise, cultures, and geographic regions.

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